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Kowalski Companies is a civic business. All stakeholders are obligated to organize, educate, and set policy according to democratic principles and standards. We do this in partnership with other demonstrations of the Minnesota Active Citizenship Initiative to renew and sustain democracy and to create a world that is abundant and just.

Our markets were created out of our family's love and passion for delicious, healthy foods and inspired by families looking for a place where they'd love to shop and be proud to call their own. Now we have brought the convenience of shopping in our stores to you online. You will be able to browse the different departments, select from a number of your favorite products and have them delivered to you the very same day or next day.

Your groceries will be packed carefully, just as if you were in one of our stores, and they will be delivered to you in the specified time frame by friendly delivery personnel. We would love to hear feedback about our online delivery program. Please contact us here with your questions or feedback.


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